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Le site de Tenkara USA.
Le Tenkara est une  méthode japonaise de pêche à la mouche avec seulement une canne, une ligne et une mouche ...


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: 16-02-2014

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Big trout fight in Hokkaido
Our 2-week long trip to Japan is now over. At the end of the trip we experienced the beginning of the rains that have been ravaging Western Japan. In fact, the night before we left we were at a guest house having dinner as heavy rain fell outside....

Reports from Japan, 2018
If you have been following us on social media, you may know that I am currently on a 2-week long trip to a few areas of Japan. As usual, I have come here on my annual pilgrimage “in search of tenkara”. The trip so far has been a lot of fun. My...

Spotify playlists and new Tenkara Cast episode
Looking for things to listen? We got you covered with two awesome Spotify playlists and a new short episode of the Tenkara Cast. We just launched some awesome Spotify playlists. The first one is a curated list, largely inspired by Takenobu’s...

Press Release: Tenkara USA hires outdoor industry veteran as new CEO
Press Release, Boulder, CO Fly-fishing equipment company Tenkara USA has named industry veteran Patrick Stratton CEO. He will join Daniel Galhardo on the senior management team. Stratton has held senior management positions at The North Face, REI...

March 2018 Sowbug Roundup
Mountain Home, Arkansas In March, Tenkara USA had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Sowbug Roundup “Celebration of Fly Fishing” event. Daniel, Jeremy and I were on hand to represent Tenkara USA and additionally, Daniel also gave a...

The 9th Anniversary of the introduction of tenkara outside of Japan and Tenkara USA
Today we celebrate the 9th anniversary of tenkara’s introduction outside of Japan and the inception of Tenkara USA! On April 12, 2009, Daniel Galhardo launched Tenkara USA with the goal of introducing the concept of tenkara, a simpler way to...

Announcing a new rod: The Hane (“huh-neh”)
It has been a while since I released a new tenkara rod here at Tenkara USA. The last time was the release of the Sato and Rhodo some 4 years ago. I am a strong believer that companies shouldn’t release new products simply with the goal of...

Japanese Influenced Tenkara
I’m an American tenkara angler that is influenced by Japanese tenkara and my own experiences at home. I initially learned about tenkara nine years ago from Tenkara USA (Daniel Galhardo) and subsequently deepened my knowledge from researching...

Tenkara USA Strap Pack
Whether you are a fly fisherman that uses tenkara as a part of your toolbox or a dedicated tenkara minimalist, the Tenkara USA strap pack is an excellent organizational storage solution. I’ve been using one since they have been available. I use...

Tenkara fishing in Texas, a new podcast episode is up
A new episode of our podcast, the Tenkara Cast, is now available through your favorite podcast listening app, or right here on our website. This time Daniel chats with Chris Johnson about tenkara fishing in Texas. &nbsp The post Tenkara...

Interview with Jeremy Shellhorn
Most of the time when I am interviewing or having a written conversation with a person, I ask them for a couple of paragraphs to tell me who they are. I meet Jeremy at the 2017 Tenkara USA Summit and he and his wife are super nice, like all the...

A Journal of Making a Tenkara Tamo (net)
I remember quite a while ago I thought I was a serious small stream fly fisher. Way before I transitioned to tenkara. I was making bamboo fly rods and had been fishing my flys for many many years in the stream, river, lake and sea. At the time, I...

Interview with John Lawrence Geer
Interview with John Lawrence Geer I’ve known John for a little while now, I met him through social media. Recently, I joined Tenkara USA as a writer and contributor. At the 2017 Tenkara USA Summit, we shared some time together. Having met him in...

Tenkara USA Amago
Tenkara USA Amago Tyler Hicks There are few places more ecologically similar to tenkara’s birthplace than the Pacific Northwest. Cascading streams abounding with trout are annually invaded by anadromous trout, char, and salmon. The Amago is a...

…from the book “Learning tenkara”
…from the book. Learning tenkara is easy. You don’t need the internet to become proficient at this simple form of mountain stream fishing. All you need is a rod, line and fly and the excitement to spend a little time in a great place of your...

Thématique proche de Tenkara USA

Boss Shad Home
Shadiens Boss sont des leurre indispensables pour vos parties de pêche.Chaque leurre est fabriqué à la main ... Cela lui donne une nage unique. 
Depuis les débuts de Korda lorsque Danny travaillait seul dans sa cuisine jusqu’à aujourd’hui, le but de la marque n’a pas changé : vous proposer les accessoires pour la pêche de la carpe les meilleurs...
Megabass USA
Megabass a été fondée à la fin des années 80 par Yuki Ito. Equipements pour la pêche du black bass, cannes à pêche, moulinets, leurres, accessoires ... Liste des distributeurs, ...
Leurres souples, poissons nageurs, attractants ... Ecogear est une marque détenue par Marukyu.
MeriverLeader des amorces mer Grâce à notre laboratoire agréé et à notre fabrication intégrée, nous produisons des amorces innovantes, 100% naturelles et entièrement fabriquées en...
Créateur d'articles de pêche en mer et la pêche en eau douce depuis 1970 - Leurres, hameçons, calamarettes, turluttes, cuillers, tresses et nylons, palangres, paravanes, accessoires  ... Présentation de la...
Bateau amorceur pour la pêche de la carpe équipé d'un écho-sondeur couleur et d'une propulsion brushless ultra puissante. Caractéristiques détaillées et descriptions des bateaux amorceurs....
Marc Delacoste
Marc Delacoste ! Une gamme de matériel pour la pêche de la truite.Cannes à pêche, moulinets, accessoires, nylons, panier rotin, épuisette raquette, gamme de plombs, wader ...Liste des magasins.
Bonze Lures
Leurres pour la pêche au big game .... Bonze leurres. La maison de leurres de pêche jeu de qualité, des vêtements et des accessoires. Conçu en Nouvelle-Zélande par le capitaine Graeme 'Bonze' Fleet, deux...
Leurres pour les pêches exotiques et pêche au gros.Leurres souples, poissons nageurs, poppers, jet popper, octopus, jigs, harnais, gants, étuis ...Catalogue en ligne Distribution:  Rapala VMC Corporation 



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